The Model


Physicians are working harder today than ever before. Most physicians see more patients and have more stress. This isn’t how healthcare should be.

The Lumeca model reduces doctors’ patient load from 1000s to 100s. For doctors, this means more time can be spent with patient’s allowing a patient focused treatment providing a long-term health plan and relationship with your patients.

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The Perfect Practice

  • Have consistently more time with your patients
  • Build strong relationships
  • Serve all your patients’ needs
  • Develop personalized health & wellness plans
  • Reduce patient load 
  • Increased earning potential with our patient focused incentive program
  • Boosted patient satisfaction
  • Improve professional success & satisfaction

The Support

Lumeca Physicians are supported by our experienced team of healthcare professionals backed by industry’s best technology to provide world-class service to our patients. Our administrative healthcare teams manage and coordinate billing, insurance, appointments, specialist referrals and scheduling allowing Physicians to focus on their patients.


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